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Cloud Cost Management

Cost optimization for effective cloud strategy

Cloud cost challenge

A big challenge with cloud services is keeping costs under control, and business expects IT Infrastructure and Operations to be doing just that, rather than focusing solely on engineering and operations
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Why keeping costs down is difficult

  • Each department in the company may use its own cloud infrastructure
  • Cloud resources are not adjusted to the company’s current needs
  • Cloud spend is not monitored
  • Long-term cost management strategy is lacking
  • Cloud resource peak capacity is rarely used
Why keeping costs down is difficult

Our approach to cloud cost management


  • Group all resources into organization
  • Prepare and introduce a resource structure


  • Summarize pain points
  • Research corrective actions


  • Billing Management
  • The use of resources and services

Why us

  • We have experience managing and optimizing multi-cloud environments
  • Working for industry leaders
  • Providing teams of top-notch cloud experts that solve problems efficiently
  • Delivering projects on time and on budget
  • We’re on top of advances in cloud computing
  • Providing technology advice and support
Why us

Case study: cloud cost optimization for Kubernetes cluster


  • Multiple GKE clusters created for development purposes
  • 3-6 nodes, 1vCPU, 3GB RAM
  • Clusters are expected to be short-lived and redeployable at any time


  • Clusters stay online for extended periods of time
  • Nodes cost about $25 per month each while not reaching peak capacity


  • Introduce cleanup system, unless cluster is marked to stay
  • Use preemptible VMs with node pool autoscaler (~$5/month each)
  • Consolidate projects to qualify for sustained use discounts (730 hrs/month, stacked from multiple VMs) on Google Cloud Platform - surprisingly, it is sometimes cheaper not to turn machines on and off
  • Long-distance improvements: committed use discount


Reduces cost by a full 70%

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