CodiLime to carry out project for DOCOMO: one more Customer from Silicon Valley!

Barbara Rutkowska

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CodiLime, Polish top quality software engineering services company, signed a new software engineering contract with DOCOMO Innovations, Inc. – a Japanese company with its headquarters in Palo Alto, California. Silicon Valley based company is yet another foreign Client who put his trust in world top class programmers at CodiLime.


One more company from the Silicon Valley joined the group of CodiLime’s pool of prestigious global Clients, such as NTT Innovation Institute, Inc. (in California) or Yggdrasil Gaming (in Malta): DOCOMO Innovations, Inc. is a high-tech company with the headquarters in Palo Alto, California, which creates innovative solutions for Japanese mobile network operator.

The contract with DOCOMO Innovations, Inc. will expose CodiLime team to problems containing processing large amounts of data requiring operations in distributed and scalable systems using machine learning. In order to deliver these solutions CodiLime’s team will use advanced algorithms and technologies such as Hadoop, Cascading, Spark or Storm.

Robert Bogucki, Big Data and Machine Learning Project Manager in CodiLime, said: “This project is yet another proof for high level of services provided by our company to external Clients. Cooperation with DOCOMO Innovations, Inc. will create an outstanding opportunity for our programmers to use and develop their skills on the project requiring specialized knowledge about processing and operations on big data.

Pero Subasic, Vice President Cloud Computing and Big Data in DOCOMO Innovations, Inc. added: “We are very excited to be working with CodiLime on challenging projects related to smart service development for NTT DOCOMO customers. Through this partnership we are looking to further advance large-scale machine learning and data analysis capabilities in both companies.


CodiLime is an IT company founded by extremely talented algorithm developers, graduates of Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Warsaw. Among the founders there is the world champion in individual programming as well as the winners of gold medal at the ACM ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest) – Battle of The Brains, a global competition organized by the prestigious Association for Computing Machinery and IBM. The majority of engineers employed by CodiLime gained their professional experience in international headquarters of such companies as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, NVIDIA and UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland). CodiLime designs and develops state-of-the-art IT systems within such areas as Fraud & Security Intelligence, Risk Management, Business Analytics & Intelligence, Customer Intelligence, Mobile Payments, E-commerce as well as Web & Mobile Applications. The company also carries out several R&D projects for large international corporate Clients investing in high-tech solutions involving BIG DATA, Security, Cloud Computing, OpenStack, OpenContrail, OpenFlow, Open DayLight and SDN (Software Defined Networking).


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