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Automation and virtualization to deliver value faster, more reliably and cost-efficiently

DevOps challenge

Development team

At the beginning…

  • It usually requires time to lay solid foundations under future development highway.
  • Product Owners and Managers look forward to a quick win and provide the MVP to the Stakeholders.
  • They often value development efforts more than building the infrastructure for future releases.
how it usualy ends

How it usually ends…

  • You realise you could do better with automated processes when releasing makes your team spend a weekend at the office.
  • Unfortunately it turns out that the effort needed to build one is HUGE due to the legacy and complexity of the project.
  • Pressure from the stakeholders to release another feature doesn’t exactly help either.
Engineering ingredients"

Lesson learnt

  • Robust integration, automated QA process, build and release pipelines are a must in a fast-paced development environment.
  • Apply monitoring and analytics to support operations and decision making.

How we help

  • CI/CD custom build
  • Deployment on clouds and on-prem
  • System design and architecture improvements
  • Audit of existing processes
  • Performance, scale and network testing
  • Virtualizing networking hardware
  • Support & maintenance
Engineering ingredients

Key benefits for your company

  • Shorter time to market by improved deployment frequency
  • Quality & robustness of the solution
  • Faster responses to users’ feedback
  • Lower failure rate of new releases and shortened lead time between fixes
  • Scaling on demand
  • Reduced business risk
  • Improved client satisfaction
Engineering ingredients

Our approach to DevOps practice

Devops Loop

Leveraging DevOps practice allows us to eliminate waste with strategic resource planning and focus on repetitive actions automation.

Lifting applications to clouds prepares them for easy scaling when the time of increased demand for the product comes.

Monitoring and notification systems allow us to pinpoint bottlenecks in the application architecture and set up to carry out surgical changes to provide best performance in the cloud environment.

CI/CD solutions improve the development churns by allowing early flaw detection and fixing application instantly. Constant monitoring underpins the waste elimination process and greatly speeds up the development team velocity.

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Our operations technology stack

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