Software engineering

Software engineering is not just about writing lines of code. It’s about creating software that is reliable, flexible and easy to maintain.

SDN & NFV systems are our thing. Built from scratch or tuned for performance.

Software engineering challenge


Having an in-house development team on the hot job market is no easy task. Building and keeping one continues to be one of the biggest challenges facing the software engineering market. Read why!

Recipe for “in-house development team”

  • HR team’s substantial technical expertise
  • Significant amount of time to find and hire best talents
  • Costly software licences and hardware
  • Training and certifications for the team
  • Tons of effort to keep them motivated!

What if you mess up the ingredients?

  • The competition for the best talent is intense and just in case you haven’t heard, it’s an employees’ market…
  • You will struggle to hire and keep the right people, especially if you need a narrow skillset.
  • Moreover, It will involve high recruiting budgets.

Why outsource to CodiLime

  • The right talent in a well-qualified candidate pool, with zero recruiting costs.
  • Kickstarting your project – no overhead for team building or environment building.
  • Flexible scalability – adjust the team to your needs as they arise.
  • Access to domain knowledge and multidisciplinary teams.
  • Being up to date with advances in technology.
  • Technical advisory and support.

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Our approach to building software

We believe that communication underpins success in the software development process. That’s why we focus not only on coding, but also on the way a product is delivered. We want to be sure we meet the client’s expectations.

See how we approach software engineering to make it effective.

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