The modern, interoperable DC - Part 2: EVPN as a universal solution for VM, container and BMS networking (video)


Adam Kułagowski


Jerzy Kaczmarski

Reading time: 1 minute

This video is a part of our series "The modern, interoperable DC", which walks you through connectivity between different types of resources.

In Part 1 we guided you through a solution for DC connectivity based on a combination of FRR, Unnumbered BGP (IPv4 with IPv6 link-local NH) and eBPF.

Now it’s time for Part 2!

  • In this video we will continue to enhance our DC with additional features made possible by open standards.
  • We will show how to leverage a BGP router running on servers to provide layer 2 connectivity between heterogeneous resources, such as virtual machines, containers and bare metal servers (both legacy and FRR-based).
  • You will also learn about CNI (Container Network Interface) and how it can be integrated with FRR in order to automatically advertise information about IPs and MACs of newly created containers.
  • The speakers will also explain:

    • What VXLAN tunnels are and how they carry layer 2 traffic
    • What an Ethernet VPN is and how it can be useful in DC
    • How to provide multi-tenancy through the use of VRFs and tunnelling protocols
    • How to interconnect VMs, containers, BMS and other resources through an IP fabric
  • We will present a demo showing how the solution works in practice.

The source code, topology and configurations used during this presentation are available at Github repo.

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Adam Kułagowski

Principal Network Engineer
CodiLime’s Principal Network Engineer, Adam likes to push network packets faster and faster, or to drop them on purpose. Also a reader of SciFi and an escape room enthusiast.

Jerzy Kaczmarski

Senior Network Engineer
As a Senior Network Engineer at CodiLime, Jerzy focuses on advanced solutions for Data Center and ISP environments. He is a big enthusiast of making life easier through automation, including network configuration and management. In his free time, he enjoys mountain biking and board games.

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