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Software engineering Service


Automate and virtualize your network

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UX & UI Service

Cloud-native & multi cloud

Get ready for the cloud shift

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Tungsten Fabric

Harness the power of SDN

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Deploy apps directly in the cloud

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CodiLime is a member of The Linux Foundation and LF Networking and proudly contributes to open-source networking software.

How we have grown

How we have grown

CodiLime Group

We are fastidious observers of industry trends and no less keen to hear our customers’ insights. Our employing multiple senses has served you well. Since 2013, we have launched investments in three of today’s most tomorrow fields.

Dealavo specializes in e-commerce monitoring and analytics, providing actionable insights on major brands, e-shops and marketplaces. Dealavo helps customers be more profitable online thanks to pricing knowledge and its extensive technology stack. Dealavo delivers services for clients from 30 countries, including Samsung, DeLonghi, MSI, Xiaomi, Acer and Epson.
deepsense.ai is a data science company helping organizations gain competitive advantage by providing them with AI-based end-to-end solutions. Its main focus is on computer vision, predictive analytics and natural language processing. The company also delivers machine learning training programs to support enterprise in building AI capabilities in-house.
Neptune is a data science work sharing hub, bringing organization and collaboration to data science projects. All experiments, code, data versions and visualizations are secured, backed-up in an organized knowledge repository, ready to be accessed, analyzed, shared and discussed with your team. No matter what type of problems you are working on, Neptune fits to all.

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