Keeping up with the pace of technology development is a challenging task, but every company has to do so to stay competitive on the market. Comprehensive DevOps services can help you evolve toward the modern and agile organization you want to become. The CodiLime team will support you in your journey to automation.

How can our DevOps experts help you?

DevOps practices are traditionally understood as a methodology, but to answer our clients’ needs, we provide DevOps as a service. We help bring development and operations teams together throughout the whole product development lifecycle. We use the best-suited technology and tools to streamline and automate your IT operations in any project.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Continuous Integration means automatically integrating code changes from multiple developers into a shared repository and running automated tests. Continuous Delivery involves automating the process of deploying code to test and production environments. These DevOps services allow teams to consistently release new features and updates, even without manual intervention (Continuous Deployment).

Infrastructure configuration management

We manage the configuration of IT infrastructure and applications using suitable tools and processes. This helps teams ensure that infrastructure is consistent across different environments and it’s easy to deploy changes to the configuration. We also manage the capacity of IT infrastructure to meet the needs of applications. That way, you will be sure your infrastructure can scale to meet changing demand.

Security Management (DevSecOps)

We provide an overview of system security by integrating static dependencies vulnerability scanners with existing CI pipelines. We conduct security audits of cloud infrastructure, e.g. review of Identity and Access configuration or review of cloud network access policies. We help with increasing the security of cloud computing.

Cloud Expertise

We use cloud-based platforms and tools for continuous integration, continuous delivery, and infrastructure automation and leverage the scalability and flexibility of the cloud to support agile software development processes. Our experts will help you improve the speed and reliability of your software delivery processes and take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing.

Infrastructure as Code

We can create a new IaC-based environment for your applications, help you with improving your existing IaC to get it to another level, or even migrate your current manual environment to an IaC-based installation. Infrastructure automation enables faster execution and eliminates human error.

Transform your business with DevOps

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DevOps can help you transform your business

Our expertise in practice

At CodiLime, we have worked with agile practices for over 12 years. Through various projects, we have gained the experience that allows us to provide efficient knowledge transfer and support for our clients. See how our DevOps services have helped our clients.

CI/CD and testing for a monitoring and alerting service

We built a continuous integration system that is easy to use and simple to develop for multiple engineers around the world. We used cloud-based architecture to create a complete build system and a test automation framework. Our expertise in automation allowed us to reduce development cycle time by 50% and provide the client with a reliable, scalable solution.

Automating and securing data streaming

We built a solution that enabled the transmission of large amounts of AI-generated data in a secure manner. The data contained sensitive information and could not be anonymized, so we developed a streaming method with authorization and authentication. We also automated the data transfer process to move, catalog, and archive data efficiently. We used Kafka, Druid, Kubernetes, and AWS cloud solutions.

Designing applications to integrate with Kubernetes and Cloud environments

We ensured that applications were prepared to properly expose their logs and metrics and securely communicate with both other applications and the platform itself. In addition, platform autoscaling was handled. Running applications in the cloud or on Kubernetes requires developers to properly integrate their applications to make use of the underlying platform in order to run smoothly.

Dynamic multi-cloud environment preparation and DevSecOps monitoring

We prepared environments for the customer based on one configuration file. We put Kubernetes platforms on multiple clouds and combined them into a single virtual network. Our solution helped in capturing network traffic on the client's infrastructure and verifying that it complies with security policies established by the security department.

Our approach to DevOps consulting services

At CodiLime, our goal is to deliver exceptional DevOps solutions to our partners. We have a wide range of engineering talent and extensive know-how, as well as best practices in management and communication. We also have strong principles that guide us in cooperation with our partners.

Expertise in building custom solutions
Hand-on experience with network engineering
Flexible and easy-to-scale teams
Goal orientation and on-time delivery
Support through the entire SDLC
Focus on long-term partnership

How DevOps practices can benefit your business

Implementing DevOps with CodiLime helps you gain greater business agility and quickly respond to shifting market needs. Our team of automation specialists and talented developers will take the load off your shoulders and accelerate your time to market.

Increased velocity of operations
Rapid delivery of updates
Ensured quality of changes
Scalable infrastructure and development
Effective collaboration
Secure and reliable solutions
Cost efficiency

Tech stack

DevOps is a methodology that will help you utilize various software tools to reach your business goals. We provide a wide range of technologies to fit your business needs. We provide support in deploying DevOps solutions and ensuring automation in your IT operations.