Limited resources and time-to-market requirements are the challenges that every technology company faces. The answer to saving time while maintaining the quality of software products lies in test automation. See how we use our expertise to provide highly functional, scalable test automation suited to your business needs.

Software test automation services

When we work with clients, we take on full responsibility for your product's reliability, starting from Quality Assurance at the development stage up to end-user tests, including UX. In our test automation solutions, we strive to use all the benefits of automation. Whether you're a startup looking for UI tests or an enterprise in need of custom test automation frameworks, we've got you covered.

Automated functional and non-functional testing

We deliver automatic testing for your product based on gathered and arranged requirements. We identify what to test and what not to and how to choose a sufficient level of testing. The automated tests we write help you to keep regression in check and give you and your team an overall tool to assess the quality of the product.

Automated performance testing for network and cloud products

We provide reliable, flexible, and scalable software solutions based on well-fixed standards like RFC2544 for performance testing your network and cloud products. The solutions are tailored to your needs and enhanced with automatic setup and CI/CD integration, so you are able to continuously monitor your product performance and quickly find out about any regression.

CI/CD implementation

Automatic tests bring the best results if they're run as often as possible. To help you with that, we design and implement CI/CD pipelines that will take your software development cycle to a whole new level. We know how important it is that all pieces (static analysis, code review, functional tests, non-functional tests, etc.) fall into a puzzle to optimize your development speed.

Test automation framework and testing tools development

We have experience in building large testing frameworks and testing tools that support different types of tests and integrate well with your product's technologies. We focus on best practices for SW development to provide you with easy-to-maintain, scalable, readable, reusable, and robust software.

Test lab automation

Test lab automatization can be a challenge, especially when you have your own proprietary hardware. It is essential for software testing to be fast and reliable. We help in organizing the lab, configuring it, choosing the tools for automatization, and integrating it with test suites. We also have experience in running our own lab for different software development projects.

Automatic test reporting and monitoring

Tests should give you proper information about your project. We deliver automated test results reports, coverage reports, performance reports, and many more to provide you with better project quality visibility and reinforce your decision-making. We also integrate the reporting solutions with CI/CD and other automatization solutions that you are using.

Ensure your product quality with automated testing

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Use automated testing to ensure the quality of your products

Our expertise in automation testing

At CodiLime, we have over 12 years of experience working with industry leaders and successful startups. We have worked on various projects, including test automation in the cloud, network, software development, data engineering, and other fields. Our test automation services helped them ensure product quality and significantly cut down the release cycle time.

We provided the solutions for automating the RFC2544 performance validation for different network devices and services, including virtual ones. We used an SW traffic generator TRex from Cisco. We also incorporated the solution into the CI/CD process.
We helped the client to stay up to date with the industry's best practices by providing a benchmarking framework for Smart Network Interface Cards. We built the test automation framework using Python, DPDK and SW traffic generator TRex from Cisco.
We worked with a client on a network alert management application with microservice architecture. Our task was to prepare a user interface testing solution. We delivered an automated UI test that focused on integration, API contracts, and CI/CD.
We built an extensive test framework for the whole SDN solution. We used Python to develop the framework. The proposed solution included test lab automation, testbed resources management, and CI/CD.
We created a test framework for Smart Network Interface Cards offloading solution for SDN 3rd party product supporting development team. We used Python to build it. The proposed framework performed hardware integration testing and acceptance tests for vendor verification.
We used an extensive tech stack, including Selenium, Cypress, and Playwright, to create an E2E user interface and API tests. We worked on such solutions for web applications in projects for various industries, including networks, big data, and monitoring.

The test automation benefits for your business

Saved money and time thanks to limited human effort
Improved accuracy by eliminating manual errors during testing
Ensured continuous testing thanks to automation
Increased scalability of testing
Improved test coverage

Technology stack

Our test automation team is proficient in various programming languages and familiar with commonly used as well as emerging technologies. We offer a wide range of skills in different technologies to fit into our clients' existing infrastructure and fulfill their requirements.

Test frameworks

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