Network infrastructures grow more and more complex every year. With increased cloud use, virtualization, and automation becoming the standard, every organization needs a way of improving and developing their solutions. CodiLime gathers experienced network engineers, SDN supporters, cloud enthusiasts and automation experts. We can guide you towards a modern, automated network - whether you're already cloud-based or still a traditional network.

Network infrastructures grow more and more complex every year. With increased cloud use, virtualization, and automation becoming the standard, every organization needs a way of improving and developing their...

Our areas of expertise

At CodiLime, we've been gaining experience in various fields of network services since 2011. Whether it's telco, DC, security, or enterprise - we do it all. From design to deployment, with supporting, and training your team all the way, you can count on us to deliver a network infrastructure up to the latest industry standards.

Networks & Clouds

We have expertise in building and integrating cloud solutions based on private, public, and hybrid environments for enterprises, telcos, and data centers. Our knowledge of Linux-based systems and SDNs ensures scalable solutions in line with client requirements. We also provide support in daily operations.

Network automation

Automation has become a standard practice in the network industry. It helps to accelerate deployment and day to day operations and minimizes the risk of human error. We provide automation for newly-deployed solutions and enhance existing ones. We also guide teams through migration from traditional management to automated ones.

Integration & validation

Validation is what ensures that you are left with a solution in line with your requirements. We perform various tests, such as performance, scalability, functionality, stress, and interoperability. Our teams analyze test results, specify pain points and find ways of improving given solutions. We also provide support throughout the integration process.

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Our expertise in practice

Network professional services provide necessary solutions for growth and development of any technology company. We create custom solutions tailored to the needs of our partners - you give us a challenge, and we provide the solution.
Take a look at what we've already done for our clients.

Preparing a safe and automated upgrade of an NFV telco cloud

We used a dedicated pre-production environment and covered the entire testing process. The comparative analysis of the solution before and after the upgrade proved an unimpaired performance and functionalities after an upgrade of an SDN deployment. The tech stack included OpenStack, Tungsten Fabric, Maas and Juju.

VNF deployment in public clouds

We built a solution as a Terraform code that ensures an easy, quick, fully automated and repeatable process of deployment for VNF and related public cloud resources. We ensured knowledge transfer to the client's team and provided ongoing support. The tech stack included GCP, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Terraform, Go, Python.

Configuration unification for network devices

We built a highly flexible software for automation of network device configuration unification with the goal to ensure functional cohesion. Our solution enabled fast, safe, and reliable operations with minimal operator intervention. The tech stack included Python, Pytest, and PostgreSQL.

Cost-effective virtualized network solution for a private cloud

We delivered hardware and license expenditure optimization through the use and auto-scaling of virtualized network appliances. The selected architecture provided the largest performance gains while keeping the solution open to address future requirements and utilizing off-the-shelf server-grade components. The tech stack included Open vStack, KVM, and VMware ESXi.

IP fabric configuration for a data center

We automated data center fabric configuration and runtime management. The solution was highly scalable, easy to test and maintain. It minimized the number of manually-set parameters and the operations needed for configuration and runtime modifications of the fabric network. The tech stack included Go, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes, Docker, NATS.

Technology stack

At CodiLime, we focus on what our customers need: time-to-market, cost optimization, or scalability requirements. To do so, we need a wide range of expertise and technologies. We are qualified in Linux-based and SDN networks, private and public cloud frameworks, telco and data center networks, and various programming languages to provide software development when needed.




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