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Network Professional Services

Applying network expertise to solve complex business cases

Our experience in a nutshell

The CodiLime team compromises experienced network engineers, SDN supporters, cloud enthusiasts and automation experts. Since 2011, we have been helping large telcos design and build resilient and secure solutions. We are hands-on with different vendors and technologies and have experience with large-scale deployments and maintenance.

Expert consultancy

Expert consultancy

Network automation

Network automation

Solutions design

Solutions design

Solution PoC

Solution PoC

Solution validation

Solution validation

Solutions integration & deployment

Solutions integration & deployment


Expert consultancyExpert consultancy

CodiLime provides consulting services for traditional telco and enterprise networks, telco clouds, SDNs and mixed on-prem and cloud infrastructures. We offer in-depth expertise in virtualization, clouds and networks, battle-proven best practices, and automated delivery methodologies. Having experience working with clients worldwide, our experts will assess your current environments, then plan and design solutions that will help you achieve your business goals.

How we help

  • Audit:
  • Existing network in the context of architectural solution, performance, bottlenecks, automation
  • DC to see if optimization is required
  • Existing services and check automation levels in the network
  • Provide expertise on:
  • Network, SDN and cloud infrastructure development from design through PoC, testing to solution integration and deployment (from cost and infrastructure perspective)
  • How to build a smart monitoring system for every network or network solution (e.g. apply an AIOps approach to predict failures before they happen and minimize or avoid downtime)
  • Work together with your team from the outset of the project:
  • Assist with the RFx process
  • Design detailed E2E solution including coexistence with your current network
  • Train your team and hand over the solution
  • Support your team during a baby-sitting period
  • Support in troubleshooting complex network issues

Network automationNetwork automation

Network automation can be used to build, change or tear down services while lowering the risk of human error and making operators' lives easier. Automation shines especially in complex network architectures built on years of history, allowing more robust and reliable traditional telco and enterprise networks, telco clouds, SDNs and cloud infrastructures to be built.

How we help

  • Analyze your existing environment in the context of automation and orchestration
  • Help choose the best orchestrator for newly built solutions
  • Create a new scalable and reliable solution architecture
  • Develop and test the solution:
  • Develop automation scripts for day-to-day operational tasks
  • Develop configuration templates for existing services, migrate existing configuration to follow these templates and enforce their use for newly created configurations
  • Implement support for the multivendor environment and multilayer networks for E2E service orchestration
  • Automate security policy compliance verification
  • Implement the solution together with your team
  • Train your team and hand over the solution

Solutions designSolutions design

CodiLime works with traditional telco and enterprise networks, so we’re well aware of how crucial good infrastructure design and planning is to meet such requirements as resilience, scalability and performance, to name a few. We carefully plan solution architecture, including HLD, LLD, and validating the final solution.

We also design various types of cloud- and SDN-based multi-vendor solutions. These include managing the capabilities of on-premises, cloud-based, and hybrid functionalities with all of their varying requirements to make your Virtual Network Functions work smoothly and seamlessly.

Last but not least, we ensure holistic solution monitoring.

How we help

For telcos and enterprises:

  • Analyze an existing network, including its architectural design, performance, and bottlenecks
  • Design:
  • A cloud-based or mixed (on-prem + cloud) fast-scaling/descaling solution
  • A telco cloud that can handle virtualized and cloud-native network functions
  • A mixed-network scenario with traditional/enterprise networks and a new solution (like SD-WAN, telco-cloud)
  • A new IP-fabric in your DC
  • Automation to support the operational needs of your network solutions (from Day0 to Day2)
  • Document the solution and deployment process
  • Ensure end-to-end service monitoring regardless of the software or hardware used or the environments the service is using

Solution PoCSolution PoC

Deploying new features or completely new network solutions is no easy task, even after a solid validation campaign performed in a lab. Enter the concept of Proof of Concept (PoC). PoC allows you to verify lab results on pre-production environments with workload and operational processes similar to production sites. You’d do this to check, for example, scalability, redundancy and the self-healing capability of your networking solution in a real-life scenario.

Building a PoC before integrating a new networking solution with your network is considered a best practice.

How we help

  • Collect customer requirements and relevant information about the production environment
  • Develop and document a detailed test plan together with the client
  • Support your team during a PoC environment configuration
  • Perform tests according to developed test scenarios and verify the expected behavior both in normal and abnormal network conditions, performance, scalability, stability under stress and interoperability
  • Document the PoC for configuration used during tests and the PoC environment
  • Analyze and document the PoC results:
  • Point out the features and mechanisms that failed to fulfil requirements/specifications
  • Provide recommendations based on PoC results on how to implement a tested solution in a production environment and workarounds if needed

Solution validationSolution validation

Validating a solution means checking its quality, reliability and whether it has been implemented according to specifications. Network service requirements and interoperability with your environment are the next points that need to be validated. In a nutshell, a thorough validation process performed at each stage of the product life cycle will allow you to detect possible points of failure and avoid problems during the deployment and operational life of the solution.

The effort put into the validation process will be rewarded, as a carefully designed and executed solution validation process will allow you to bring the quality of your product to another level and meet user requirements.

How we help

  • Analyze a solution and identify appropriate test scenarios and ratings for test results to meet your requirements
  • Document a detailed test plan together with the client
  • Perform different test types including: performance, scalability, functionality, stress, interoperability
  • Provide detailed specification of the test environment and configuration used during solution validation
  • Analyze and document tests results, identifying crucial bugs and issues found in order to improve the client’s solution
  • Automate tests:
  • Help choose the best automation tool
  • Design the test automation scope
  • Provide an automatically reproducible test environment as Infrastructure as a Code, ready to be used on any of the client’s physical environments
  • Document the solution and hand it over to the client

Solutions integration & deploymentSolutions integration & deployment

At CodiLime, we are cloud enthusiasts with experience in designing and building cloud-based solutions for telcos, as well as in traditional telco and enterprise networks and SDNs.

Time-to-market, cost optimization and scalability requirements are the main guidelines in our design process. We also prepare and execute seamless migration and integration of existing environments.

How we help

  • Analyze an existing network in the context of its architectural solution and design to:
  • Integrate the new solution (like SD-WAN) with your brownfield environment (like traditional/enterprise networks)
  • Migrate existing services (like Physical Network Functions) to VNFs
  • Implement automation for integration and migration scenarios to support the operational needs of your network solutions (from Day0 to Day2)
  • Integrate different types of environments into one monitoring system covering hardware devices, virtual machines and containers, including those coming either from traditional or cloud networks
  • Document the integration and deployment process to make it easily reusable and scalable in future deployments
  • Support your team during a baby-sitting period of a solution deployed
  • Train your team and hand over the solution
  • Support in troubleshooting complex network issues

Our technology stack

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