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C/C++ Development Services

Want to develop a new project based on reliable, verified technology? The C or C++ programming languages could be your go-to solution. These proven languages can fulfill even the most demanding requirements and are great for software development projects, including operating systems, games, embedded systems, and more.

At CodiLime, we have been using C and C++ on a daily basis since 2011 – both in projects for clients and for internal purposes. Because we know these languages inside out, we can (and will) help you boost your software-based business!

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c and cpp development services

How can our C/C++ developers help you?

  • C/C++ development in line with the latest standards.
  • Development in Linux, Unix, BSD and Windows environments.
  • Experts in low-level networking, interfacing with system kernels and hardware.
  • Proficiency with communication libraries, with DPDK at the center.
  • Working with a large legacy codebase to extend functionalities and fix critical bugs.

Why use C or C++ for your project?

According to the Annual C++ Developer Survey “Lite”, this programming language is the most often used in fields like gaming, hardware/IoT, networking, general and specific engineering (e.g. power management), and machine learning, as well as for developer tools like compilers, or code editors.

What makes C and C++ leading languages for these areas? You can find a few reasons below!

Flexible and cross-platform

Flexible and cross-platform

C and C++ are flexible programming languages that can be used in multiple ways. Moreover, they offer great portability – they work on almost every platform, including embedded systems.
C and C++ are excellent performance and speed of execution


C and C++ are two of the most efficient languages, with excellent performance and fast execution speed. One of the reasons why these languages are so fast is that many instructions are directly mapped to an assembly language that works closer to the hardware.


These programming languages are a great option if you are unsure how much your application will expand. C and C++ work equally well on smaller and larger amounts of data. They also effectively manage resource-intensive applications.
Great community

Great community

Both C and C++ are veterans on the market – over the years, they have gained a solid, active community that is still working on language development. There is little chance of your project encountering an issue that has not already been solved.

Get A+ results with C or C++!