The first experience that a user has when interacting with your software product can affect your business success. Give your product the necessary professional frontend services to meet customers' needs and boost your business.

Frontend services tailored to your needs

A good frontend is more than just the visual side of your product, it is the front gate of your business. The way customers interact with your product will determine how they view your services. It is especially crucial for network solutions that contain a lot of data - the user flow has to be flawless. Check out how our frontend engineers ensure that.

Dashboard and widget design and development

Our frontend engineers, in cooperation with the UX team, will develop dashboards and widgets for your application, based on your business and technical requirements.

Infrastructure visualization

We will help you to visualize infrastructure to improve its management. This includes preparing the inventory presentation, tree topology, graphs, and hybrid maps of the infrastructure.

Data monitoring visualization

We will visualize your monitoring data, which will help with a deeper analysis of monitored products, inventories, and infrastructures. We will provide metrics like time series data, aggregates, and TOPN values. Additionally, we will present environmental health, traceroutes, events and alerts.

Easy installation

We will design, develop and implement wizards to provide a seamless and stress-free installation path for complex software for your clients.

Utilizing and extending existing platforms

We integrate leading market or client-owned platforms through APIs or plugin frameworks, and we aggregate the metrics from such systems. We also utilize visualizations from the abovementioned solutions; for example, we embedded Grafana charts into a custom UI for a client.

Frontend that understands network industry needs

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Frontend that is aware of the demands of the network sector

Our frontend expertise at your service

At CodiLime, we support companies from various industries. We have been providing frontend development services for businesses such as: monitoring platforms (APM, NPM), security monitoring, cloud monitoring, digital infrastructure monitoring, data center monitoring, flow control solutions, SaaS platforms, AI/ML solutions, and more. We cooperate with startups, large-scale companies, and multi-service providers.
Check how we can boost your software product:

Comprehensive management platforms

Our frontend engineers will use all their accumulated experience to create complex frontend platforms to make application user flows, configuration management paths, monitoring processes and real time visualization efficient and simple to operate.

Implementation of new functionalities

Thanks to a wisely-chosen tech stack, our frontend team can ensure seamless and painless implementation of new functionalities for dashboards, reporting, and more.

Design with scalability in mind

We know that sometimes it's hard to predict how much a product will grow or change, or what improvements will be needed. To ensure seamless scaling of your product we build components that can be easily reusable, so that you can develop and change your product with us practically on demand.

How our frontend development services can benefit your business

The frontend takes care of both customer service and easy interaction with your product and its visual side. A frontend together with a properly-designed user interface (UI) creates a strong base that allows for successful product positioning in the market.
How can investing in good frontend services positively impact your company?

Adjustment to the product

Depending on the project requirements, our frontend developers can build a solution from scratch or add needed touch-ups to an existing one. In the first approach, we can offer you a tailor-made product. However, modifying ready-made parts of solutions already available on the market will also give your product an additional boost.

Seamless scalability

The tools that we have selected provide ready-to-use components. They are perfect solutions for products for which further growth is hard to predict, as scaling is easier and quicker than writing new code. This fact could be especially critical in the startup environment when resources are often limited.

Integration and responsiveness

Using only market-standard technologies, we're confident that your product will be easily integrated with different operating systems to make it accessible to the majority of users. Moreover, responsive design provides a great user experience no matter the user's device, and without compromising performance.

Reusable code

Prebuilt components and the ability to reuse code parts accelerate the developers' work and reduce the amount of code that needs to be written from scratch. That shortens the time-to-market of new features and offers a faster response to users' needs, so your product becomes more appealing to a modern audience.

Frontend services - our approach

We know how our partners value flexibility, support at every process stage, and transparency. At CodiLime, we appreciate the same qualities so we create strong ties with our clients. As a result, our partnerships are goal-oriented and aim to provide the best possible results.

Expertise in building custom solutions
Hand-on experience with network engineering
Flexible and easy-to-scale teams
Goal orientation and on-time delivery
Support through the entire SDLC
Focus on long-term partnership

Our frontend technology stack

What does our frontend toolkit look like in detail? Here is a full list of the technologies you can expect from us!

Programming languages



AG Grid
React Query


React Testing Library

Our service models

At CodiLime, we value maximum freedom and flexibility – that's why we offer them to our partners. To meet a variety of needs and requirements, we have several cooperation models. You can choose from team augmentation, a tailored team, end-to-end services, or consulting & expertise. Everything aims to make our partnership splendid.

frontend and other development service models
Team augmentation

When you are already working on a solution and need tech specialists to expand your team.

Tailored team

When you have a task to be done and want to outsource it to a team of professionals.

End-to-end services

When you want to focus on business and need a technology partner to turn your ideas into working solutions.

Consulting & expertise

When you want to speed up and need experts on a temporary basis to foster your growth and transformation.

A client’s opinion on our services


"CodiLime with its expertise in both network engineering and software development helped us build and release a platform for operational intelligence of digital infrastructure. CodiLime UX designers and software engineers did a great job to ensure great user experience of our product. Smooth communication, out-of-the-box thinking and reliability are those factors that also make our cooperation great."

Rudra Rugge - VP of Engineering