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React Development Services

Want to create a stable and scalable application which also is able to maintain high performance? React is a solution that can meet your business needs and product requirements.

At CodiLime, we have been providing React development services for our clients since 2013, helping them create SEO-friendly applications with outstanding user interfaces (UI).

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React software development services
React software development services

Why use the React library for your project?

React is a free and open-source JavaScript library focusing on front-end development. This solution quickly became a favorite of both developers and businesses.

React is an excellent choice for your company when you are looking for a solution that helps save time and money, shorten the time-to-market of new products, and allows for easy and seamless modifications and scalability.

What else makes React worth your attention?

High performance

React is optimized for prompt loading – thanks to server-side rendering and virtual DOM, even more complex applications achieve a great level of performance.

Great for making improvements

React allows not only for building a solution from scratch, but also enables boosting and tweaking existing applications with React components.

Reusable components

React helps save developers time – thanks to its potential for reusable components, there is no need to write code again and again for the same features. Instead, they just have to change a part of the component.

Scalability and flexibility

With various tools and libraries available, React can adjust to smaller applications and also support large-scale solutions. The modularity of React is not without significance here – this feature makes this solution even easier to scale.

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How can our React developers help you?

Our highly skilled front-end engineers are ready to help you to achieve your business goals and build your competitive advantage. In particular, they will:

  • Build tailor-made React-based applications of any complexity.
  • Deliver high-performance applications that are modern, user-friendly, responsive, and highly dependable.
  • Design and develop quality front-end architecture that scales across large teams.
  • Use state-of-art frameworks, libraries, and tools for building and deployment.
  • Ensure the quality and reliability of the product by creating automated units, integration, and end-to-end test suites.
  • Build server-side rendered web applications.
  • Support you in migrating your already existing applications to React.
  • Maintain or review your project and advise on the best way forward.
  • Cooperate with your engineering team, sharing expertise and best practices with them.
  • Assist you in solving your ad-hoc queries about React and related technologies.
  • Follow security requirements.

React development — our approach

At CodiLime, we believe that good communication is the first step to success.That's why knowing your needs, team resources and documentation allows us to evaluate your project and design the appropriate support. We can also better match our engineers to the project requirements to take as much of the load off your shoulders as possible.

What else can you expect from us?

Expertise in building custom solutions
Expertise in building custom solutions
Hands-on experience with network engineering
Hands-on experience with network engineering
Flexible and easy-to-scale teams
Flexible and easy-to-scale teams
Goal orientation and on time delivery
Goal orientation and on time delivery
Support through the entire SDLC
Support through the entire SDLC
Focus on long-term partnership
Focus on long-term partnership

What do our clients & partners say about us?

CodiLime’s software engineers have been a great addition to our team by bringing a unique combination of experience in Go and network domain knowledge. Apart from the code contributions & reviews, they have provided invaluable support and guidance to the team with technical decisions. Their feedback and insights have positively upleveled the quality and reliability of the software we’re building. We’re impressed with their professionalism, engagement, and the value they bring to day-to-day cooperation.

Kristine Antons - Senior Software Engineering Manager