Every second a vast amount of data is being generated by users, machines, and software. Data engineering and data science makes it possible to process, store and analyze all this data to provide information useful for business decisions. Find out how our data engineers can help you manage the data within your organization and turn it into knowledge and insights that will get you ahead on the market.

Every second a vast amount of data is being generated by users, machines, and software. Data engineering and data science makes it possible to process, store and analyze all...

How our data engineers will help you

Data engineering and data science are complex processes that consist of various stages. The services we perform to create functional data engineering solutions cover them all - from an early audit to the final touches, like UX design or technology recommendations.

Data processing flows

We design scalable data processing flows with all needed normalizations and transformations, and implement them. We provide both cloud and on-prem data processing.

Database case analysis

We thoroughly analyze a targeted use case, both SQL and NoSQL, to identify room for improvement and provide recommendations. We also implement suitable solutions.

Performance tuning

We perform an audit of your current database and present recommendations for optimization from both performance and cost perspectives. We build customized caching solutions that will improve the efficiency of your database.

Integration mechanisms

We design high-performance, message-based integration mechanisms for customer applications. They are especially useful in business and customer data and streamline data transformation.

UX design

Our designers provide a user-friendly design for data-related products to ensure a positive user experience. Usable and intuitive interfaces increase efficiency and allow for acquiring insights more quickly.

Data validation layers, analytics and recommendations

We analyze your data validation layers & tollgates and recommend the ones that fit your expectations. We also integrate them with your CI/CD process to ensure a smooth workflow.

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Our expertise in practice

At CodiLime, we use our expertise to help our partners explore one of their most valuable assets - their data. We created scalable solutions that make storing, processing, and analyzing data a breeze.

Managing rapid increase of processed data

With our help, our clients are able to manage a rapid increase of data in their organizations. We have provided tools to handle occasional peaks in day-to-day data processing prepared cost-saving and scalability on-demand scenarios for batch processing (i.e. weekly, monthly).

Designing a monitoring and data analytics portal

We have created an integrated data-gathering platform for application and network state monitoring. The platform ensured data normalization and implementation of a single data sink. The portal was domain-specific and designed with the client’s requirements in mind.

Fixing scalability issues

Scalability issues are a frequent occurrence in applications based on a relational database. We have provided solutions and optimizations to help solve this issue and allow the client to deal with the challenges of increased amounts of data.

Creating UX & UI

We have designed a useful and intuitive portal interface for building and monitoring ETL data flows.

Building a QA and testing platform

We have provided clients with an integrated testing and quality assurance platform for data processing. The tool included scheduled and ad-hoc runs of dozens of testing suites, executed according to specific changes in the system. Users were able to manage the platform and monitor the outcomes using a provided graphical tool.

Data engineering technology stack

We use various technologies to provide exceptional data engineering services. We have experience in using SQL and NoSQL databases, cloud services, and other data engineering tools.

Cloud-native data processing

Google Cloud Platform
Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
IBM Cloud

Apache data stack

Apache Spark
Apache Hive

Elastic Stack


Data warehousing tools

Amazon Redshift

Queuing solutions

Kafka platform
Amazon Kinesis
Amazon Simple Queue Service

Caching mechanisms


NoSQL solutions

Apache Cassandra

Relational databases

Microsoft SQL Server

Data management tools

Apache Airflow

How our data engineering services can benefit your business

Scalable solutions able to store and process large amounts of data
Increased data processing speed and easier access to insights
Better-informed decisions thanks to data-based predictions
Improved product quality and customer satisfaction
Prediction of market changes and discovery of new possibilities for business development
Increasing cost efficiency by optimizing data architecture

Data engineering services - our approach

Just like our partners, we value transparency, flexibility, and valid expertise. Here you can find the principles we will focus on while creating a data engineering solution that boosts your business.

Expertise in building custom solutions
Hand-on experience with network engineering
Flexible and easy-to-scale teams
Goal orientation and on-time delivery
Support through the entire SDLC
Focus on long-term partnership

Our publications about data engineering

Data engineering is a broad topic to cover on one page. If you want to learn more, check out our experts’ publications.

What do our partners say about us?


"CodiLime’s software engineers have been a great addition to our team by bringing a unique combination of experience in Go and network domain knowledge. Apart from the code contributions & reviews, they have provided invaluable support and guidance to the team with technical decisions. Their feedback and insights have positively upleveled the quality and reliability of the software we’re building. We’re impressed with their professionalism, engagement, and the value they bring to day-to-day cooperation."

Kristine Antons - Senior Software Engineering ManagerquoteIcon


Models of data engineering services

Every business has different needs and expectations regarding data engineering. We understand that, so we want to provide you with a choice of several cooperation models to ensure a flexible partnership.

Models of data engineering services
Team augmentation

When you are already working on a solution and need tech specialists to expand your team.

Tailored team

When you have a task to be done and want to outsource it to a team of professionals.

End-to-end services

When you want to focus on business and need a technology partner to turn your ideas into working solutions.

Consulting & expertise

When you want to speed up and need experts on a temporary basis to foster your growth and transformation.

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