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Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development services

An MVP is an initial product version with enough features to show its business potential, respond to early adopters' core needs and gather their feedback for future improvement. A well-developed MVP has not only the potential to be further developed to a final product but also shows the business idea in a real-life scenario that can appeal to unconvinced investors.

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MVP development services

MVP development process - our approach

At CodiLime, we believe that good communication is the first step to success – thanks to that, we can offer best-fit support and meet your requirements.

The infographic below shows our approach to the MVP development process:

Planning a successful MVP

  • Definition of problem and solution to be delivered by MVP
  • Functional analysis of the product and domain requirements
  • Functionalities prioritization
  • Technology stack and architecture proposition
  • Time and budget estimate

Designing a UX prototype

  • Kick-off meeting with UX team
  • Whiteboarding
  • Visualization - lo-fi frames
  • Design the product’s visual side

Implementing MVP

  • Selection of technology stack for the first iteration
  • Selection of architecture for the first iteration
  • Coding the product frontend
  • Coding the product backend
  • Providing CI/CD for upcoming deployments

Why build an MVP?

Investing in an MVP is not a fad but a reasonable business decision that saves a company money and employee effort.

A minimum viable product allows for testing the idea at the very beginning of the development process – in a case when the potential product seems infeasible, the rest of the budget can be saved for another project.

What's more, focusing on preselected, top-priority features helps accelerate the development process and shorten the product's time-to-market.

And finally – thanks to earlier testing and pre-made savings, an MVP can be easily improved and changed according to early adopters' requirements and needs.

Early idea validation
MVP saves money and time
Faster development and time-to-market
MVP gives more room for improvements

MVP development services to boost your product

This is how CodiLime will help you with your minimum viable product.

Design the product architecture with the support of UX designers, and both front- and backend developers
Design, set up and optimization of a CI/CD pipeline
Support with code implementation
Recommendation for the optimal technology stack
Automation of product deployment
Handling cloud and network challenges

Why develop an MVP with CodiLime? Our clients' opinions

CodiLime with its expertise in both network engineering and software development helped us build and release a platform for operational intelligence of digital infrastructure. CodiLime UX designers and software engineers did a great job to ensure great user experience of our product. Smooth communication, out-of-the-box thinking and reliability are those factors that also make our cooperation great.

Rudra Rugge

VP of Engineering - Selector Software, Inc.

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