Angular development services
Angular development services

Angular development services

At CodiLime, we make sure we understand your business needs, vision and goals. Our Angular developers will help you take your business to the next level.

Why is Angular worth your time?

This framework has gained popularity in the past few years thanks to its officially supported libraries with generic functionalities allowing accelerated software development.
With Angular, you can build:
server-side rendered (SSR) applications
single-page applications (SPAs)
enterprise web applications
progressive web applications (PWAs)
Thanks to its modular development structure, Angular can easily deal with modern challenges such as, a necessity to scale an application fast according to market needs.

Moreover, TypeScript is Angular's primary language for application development. It makes the application easier to scale and debug for developers.

Angular applications take less time to code, load faster, and require fewer resources. Taken all together, these make Angular the perfect choice for any business which wants to stay up-to-date with its product.

Angular’s superpowers

Angular has gained the trust of companies like PayPal, UpWork, Forbes, and Samsung, to name just a few.
Check out which Angular features help us support our worldwide partners in creating outstanding and up-to-date tech products.


Angulars ecosystem

The Angular framework delivers outstanding applications thanks to its active community and unique development tools.


MEAN stack

Angular integrates easily with the MongoDB database, the Express.js web application server framework, and the Node.js environment


Fewer bugs

Angular’s code is less prone to bugs and has better overall security thanks to its tools and support.


Reusable code

The Angular framework allows you to reuse code for different applications, for example progressive web applications, SPAs, ERSs, or mobile.


A Google tool

Since Angular is Google’s framework, it is regularly updated and constantly improved. What’s more, the framework’s community is there if you need any help.

Why Angular is a good choice



Angular features a modular development structure and lazy loading. That means that scaling an application becomes much easier, and that a module is downloaded only when the user has a need for it.

Google support

Google support

Developed in Google, Angular is strongly supported by the company with constant updates and new releases.

Detailed documentation

Detailed documentation

Angular comes with extensive and easy-to-read documentation, covering all aspects of the framework



The framework features reusable code that can be applied across different projects. It allows you to save both time and money.

Technologies we use with Angular

At CodiLime, while developing projects for our clients, we often use Angular with GraphQL for APIs, but that’s not all. Below, we share our go-to Angular combos:

What do our partners say about us?


"CodiLime’s software engineers have been a great addition to our team by bringing a unique combination of experience in Go and network domain knowledge. Apart from the code contributions & reviews, they have provided invaluable support and guidance to the team with technical decisions. Their feedback and insights have positively upleveled the quality and reliability of the software we’re building. We’re impressed with their professionalism, engagement, and the value they bring to day-to-day cooperation."

Kristine Antons - Senior Software Engineering ManagerquoteIcon


"Over the last two years we have developed a strong partnership with CodiLime that has allowed our Professional Services team to expand its reach and ability to deliver more projects at increased efficiency by leveraging automation. This is truly a testament to the dedication and technical talent of CodiLime's strong engineering team."

Alexandru Smeureanu - Service Delivery Manager, Global Scale TeamquoteIcon

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