Java software

Want to develop a software product based on mature, reliable technology? Look no further - Java development could be a good choice for you.This versatile and widely-used programming language is a great tool for:
web development
cloud development
SaaS application development

The Java development company for you

We’ve been operating as a software development company since 2011. Over many years of working on internal and external projects, we gained the know-how necessary to become a Java development company of choice for our clients. We know our way around Java and can help you boost your software-based business!

Delivering fully-fledged Java development services in line with your requirements.
Developing scalable software with real business value.
Providing expert knowledge in data processing management.
Supplying proficiency in web application resources and data engineering.
Building effective document workflows.
Using JVM as a platform for development in various languages.
Creating human-readable reports based on large amounts of data.

Why should you outsource Java Development?

Java’s popularity and wide range of applications come with a vast amount of frameworks. This makes Java and other JVM programming languages great tools for developing projects with significant business value. The Java ecosystem is successfully used for:

web application development

data engineering

data management

document workflow software

outsource Java development

The Java Virtual Machine environment can extend your software development possibilities by being a platform for applications written not only in Java but also in other programming languages, such as Scala or Kotlin.
It allows for developing software faster, with various languages suitable for particular problems and business domains.

Why is the Java programming language a good choice?



The stand-out feature of Java is its ease of writing, compiling, and debugging. It helps streamline the progress of Java development services, meaning development and maintenance are cost and time efficient.



Java programs can be executed on any operating system, platform, and architecture. That platform independence provides flexibility and portability, making Java software extremely versatile. Java developers are also flexible - often, they are comfortable switching to Kotlin or other languages and back again.



The Java programming language is a solid, widely-used technology. Its large community ensures that there are very few problems that haven’t already been solved. The available knowledge and resources make Java developers more efficient and able to provide fast execution.



Java is also an excellent choice for projects that are expected to expand. This language works for both smaller and larger applications, making business development a breeze.

What do our partners say about us?


"CodiLime’s software engineers have been a great addition to our team by bringing a unique combination of experience in Go and network domain knowledge. Apart from the code contributions & reviews, they have provided invaluable support and guidance to the team with technical decisions. Their feedback and insights have positively upleveled the quality and reliability of the software we’re building. We’re impressed with their professionalism, engagement, and the value they bring to day-to-day cooperation."

Kristine Antons - Senior Software Engineering ManagerquoteIcon


"Over the last two years we have developed a strong partnership with CodiLime that has allowed our Professional Services team to expand its reach and ability to deliver more projects at increased efficiency by leveraging automation. This is truly a testament to the dedication and technical talent of CodiLime's strong engineering team."

Alexandru Smeureanu - Service Delivery Manager, Global Scale TeamquoteIcon

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