Case study

Building a web application for network monitoring in heterogeneous environments

Monitoring & alerting
Monitoring data visualization
Network analytics
Network automation
Solution PoC

Client type

An ISP seeking to implement network monitoring in heterogeneous environments

Business goal

Allow network operators to have a clear overview of network topology and services, detect anomalies and perform automated root cause analysis

Our approach

  • Provide a team of  network architect, network engineers, developers and UX designers
  • Provide expertise in networking, network monitoring and monitoring data visualisation
  • Understand the requirements of the network environment to be monitored
  • Design the application architecture
  • Ensure user-friendly visualization of monitored data
  • Build the Proof of Concept of the application

Business benefits

  • Reduced downtime risks: the network is monitored in real-time and an anomalous component is highlighted in the network topology.
  • Fast failure recovery: the application analyzes detected anomalies automatically and suggests to network operators the possible root cause of the problem.
  • Ensured user experience: UI designed according to the newest usability standards to ensure data visualization is monitored properly.

Technical highlights

  • Built a component for the real-time monitoring of changes in the BGP structure for the service layer.
  • Built a component that creates a network topology for LLDP and BGP protocols.
  • Used algorithmic analysis and different heuristics to analyze the data collected and show the potential root cause (one or many) of a network failure.
  • Created a UI with clear visualization of network topology and anomalous components.

Technology stack

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