Case study

Creating an NFV telco cloud based on OpenStack and Tungsten Fabric

Telco cloud
Test automation
Solutions integration

Business background

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Client type

A networking software and hardware provider offering solutions including SDN, WAN controllers, SD-WAN/LAN, private cloud, and DC provider
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Business goal

Create a test lab to test VNF performance and functionalities on OpenStack and Tungsten Fabric deployment in order to choose the most suitable VNF platform

Our approach

  • Provide a team of senior DevOps engineers and network architects to gather the client’s requirements
  • Design a deployment architecture
  • Prepare functional and performance testing scenarios
  • Deliver deployment in the client's lab, a complete set of automated tests, and one-click deployment (custom automation scripts)
  • Prepare detailed documentation on the solution and test results

Business benefits

  • Reduced risk: CodiLime delivered a comparative analysis of the available solutions on the market, helping the client make an informed decision about the final solution.
  • Optimized cost: each team member had a wide range of skills (hardware, networking, software, and DevOps), allowing the client to cover the full scope of the project.
  • Reduced effort: the client did not need to engage their own team, as CodiLime network engineers covered the entire time-consuming testing process.

Technical highlights

  • Supported multi-region, high-availability deployment.
  • For each region, a separate set of services was deployed with shared Keystone, Horizon, and Ceph.
  • OpenStack components: Nova, Neutron, Cinder, Glance, Keystone, Horizon, Ceilometer, Heat, Tacker, Trove, Manila, and Ceph were used as backend storage for Cinder and Glance.
  • A MAAS server was used to access advanced network configuration (network spaces), as well as a more-streamlined OpenStack installation.
  • Juju Orchestration Controller was used with MAAS.
  • A set of Tungsten Fabric services were used: TF API Services, TF Analytics & Analytics API Services, TF WebUI.
  • Tungsten Fabric’s service chaining was used for onboarding VNFs.

Technology stack

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