UX in network apps: how not to fail
UX in network apps: how not to fail
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Case study

Building a UX prototype of a network monitoring platform

Monitoring & alerting
Monitoring data visualization
UX & UI services
PoC / MVP development

Business background

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Client type

A startup offering a network monitoring platform
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Business goal

Create an interactive UX prototype for a complex network monitoring application to verify if the product can be launched on the market

Our approach

  • Provide a team of UX designers experienced in designing network applications
  • Analyze end-user requirements specific for a network monitoring platform generating tons of metrics
  • Research, brainstorm ideas and benchmark solutions already on the market
  • Create an information architecture
  • Align user needs and business goals
  • Ensure proper data visualization in the information-heavy environment
  • Ensure the final solution has been tested by end-users and their feedback implemented

Business benefits

  • Gained market insight: the UX prototype allowed the client to verify if product requirements meet market demand.
  • Ensured quality and saved money: the client verified how user flow and navigation worked in practice without incurring considerable development costs.
  • Provided great user experience: pleasant look and feel and flawless navigation were ensured in the environment displaying multiple metrics.
  • Offered new business opportunities: created an interactive demonstration of a product idea for investors and potential clients.

Technical highlights

  • Created quick reference navigation and an overview of the system.
  • Visualized possible solutions in order to evaluate them.
  • Created low-fidelity wireframes to test different approaches and perform usability testing.
  • Designed the visual side of the solution.
  • Created a high-fidelity, clickable mockup.
  • Delivered the prototype with full specification to the development team.

Technology stack

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