UX in network apps: how not to fail
UX in network apps: how not to fail
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Case study

Designing an open-source CI tool to simplify GitOps with Spinnaker

Software integration
Full stack development

Business background

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Client type

A company with DevOps teams interested in using original Spinnaker and automated CI/CD pipelines
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Business goal

Build an open-source tool for DevOps teams seeking to implement GitOps workflow with Spinnaker to save time and minimize effort while creating complex CI scenarios

Our approach

  • Provide expertise in DevOps and automation
  • Provide expertise in deploying CI/CD pipelines
  • Open-source the code on GitHub
  • Create core functionality
  • Moderate the Floodgate code repository

Business benefits

  • Saved time: less time from pipeline creation to real usage.
  • Reduced effort: configuration as code approach allowed to reduce human effort even while creating complex CI scenarios.
  • Compatibility ensured: all versions of Spinnaker supported.

Technical highlights

  • Created a rendering mechanism enabling the use of Jsonnet with external libraries (example).
  • Used Jsonnet to create resources:

    • Used shared part of pipelines as a reusable library
    • Used public pipeline libraries like Sponnet
    • Implemented a resource dependencies graph
  • Applied the “configuration as code” approach:

    • CI pipelines for testing changes in pipelines, templeted pipelines
    • Configuration changes review
    • Easy revert mechanism
    • Track changes history
  • Made Spinnaker-as-a-Code a reality.


Technology stack

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