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Case study

Integration of Tungsten Fabric SDN controller with Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes-based platform

Software integration

Business background

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Client type

Networking software provider offering a wide portfolio of networking solutions, including SDN, WAN controllers, SD-WAN/LAN, monitoring, NFV platform, and networking security software
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Business goal

Integrate Tungsten Fabric into the OpenShift platform to leverage the benefits of both technologies and attract more end-user clients

Our approach

  • Provide a team of software and network engineers with a proven track record in similar projects
  • Analyze end-users’ needs
  • Create an architecture, specifications and delivery plan for the Proof of Concept
  • Build an ultimate solution within the client’s release cycle
  • Design and implement changes in CI pipelines
  • Validate the solution with end-users (demo deployment)
  • Release the solution to the open-source community and support it later

Business benefits

  • Fast time-to-market: CodiLime quickly formed an efficient and experienced team to start the project immediately and deliver the first result in just two weeks.
  • Optimized costs: the team was scaled according to the client’s needs.
  • Reduced risks: a well-suited delivery process allowed for efficient interactions with the client, incremental delivery, and quick adoption of changes in the project requirements.
  • Compliance and security ensured: the solution was developed in conjunction with the client’s custom SAFe/Agile methodology, integrated and tested according to the client's rigorous security and corporate standards.

Technical highlights

  • Integrate Tungsten Fabric with the Kubernetes Operator Framework
  • Integrate TF into the OpenShift installation by making changes in the OpenShift install configuration file
  • Deploy TF networking as a core component in parallel with other OpenShift components and provide networking for their installation
  • Align TF Operator with all Red Hat Requirements for the OpenShift CNI plugin to ensure secure enterprise use
  • Integrate TF architecture with secure read-only CoreOS-based nodes using native ignition configs attached to OpenShift installation manifests

Technology stack

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