UX in network apps: how not to fail
UX in network apps: how not to fail
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Case study

Redesigning an outdated UI for network management application

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Business background

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Client type

Network software provider offering network management solutions
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Business goal

Refresh an outdated application design to boost data readability and decrease the time operators need to execute tasks

Our approach

  • Provide a team of UX designers and researchers with a proven track record in designing UX & UI for networking solutions
  • Analyze business and end-user needs specific for a network application with tons of data
  • Create information architecture for an information-heavy environment
  • Provide solution benchmarks
  • Redesign the UI according to the modern usability standards
  • Test the solution on end-users to iron out wrinkles

Business benefits

  • Improved UI: new user interface informed by cutting-edge trends in usability.
  • Increased flexibility: less time needed to implement frontend-related changes thanks to the unification of components.
  • Increased user satisfaction: better information architecture and more intuitive user interface increased the number of satisfied end-users.

Technical highlights

  • Prepared low-fidelity mockups.
  • Built an interactive UX prototype showing user flows in practice.
  • Ensured that all user flows were intuitive and flawless.
  • Researched and designed custom functionalities based on the client’s feedback.
  • Ensured smooth communication with the client.
  • Ensured data gradation and visual aid to end-users.

Technology stack

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