27 September 2019

CodiLime at the Open Networking Summit Europe 2019

Ever eager to share its knowledge and learn from others, CodiLime took part in the Open Networking Summit Europe 2019 in Antwerp, Belgium on 23-25 September. The Open Networking Summit is a top industry event dedicated to open networking and organized annually to foster collaboration and innovations across enterprises, cloud providers and service providers. It covers a range of topics including open-source network solutions, SDN, NFV, VNF, CNF, cloud native networking, orchestration, cloud automation, core network, edge and access & IoT services.

Our engineers, Magdalena Zaremba and Jarosław Łukow gave a presentation: “Seamless Transition to CNFs with Tungsten Fabric.” If you want to know more, just read this blog post, which is based on the conference presentation.

CodiLime's presentation at the ONF conference

We were also excited to be invited by LF Networking to their booth to present a video showing how we’ve integrated Kubernetes CNFs and OpenStack VNFs with Tungsten Fabric. If you’re curious how we did it, you can watch it here.

CodiLime Team at our booth at the ONS Conference

This was a great event and a good opportunity to share ideas, experiences and exchange views. CodiLime plans to be there next year as well.