16 December 2015

CodiLime, Inc. commits to spend $4 million as reinvestment in deepsense.io

deepsense.io receives a 200% increase in funding as commitment to satisfy further development of Seahorse platform in 2016

deepsense.io, a pure Apache Spark company delivering Seahorse, a big data analytics platform providing code-free data manipulation and predictive analytics, today announced that it has secured a commitment of $4 million for 2016 through a reinvestment from its existing investor CodiLime, Inc. This amount, together with the previous $2 million vested in deepsense.io as starting capital, increases the total equity investment plans to $6 million.

With the support of this current capital injection commitment, deepsense.io plans to expand its engineering resources to accelerate the development of Seahorse, increase sales and marketing activities, promote Apache Spark expertise at major global big data conferences to drive adoption of Seahorse a leading-edge analytics platform and deliver an enterprise-ready version to customers and partners.

Tomasz Kułakowski, founder and CEO of deepsense.io:
“This strategic investment is a watershed moment for our organization and a testament to the commitment we made to build Seahorse, a revolutionary big data analytics tool that will simplify and streamline the day-to-day operations for data scientists and analysts worldwide. We want to prove that with our mix of lean startup management ethos and broad knowledge of machine learning and Spark expertise; we can shake-up the incumbents in the domain and deliver a more cost-effective and beneficial solution to any Fortune 500 enterprise that is data driven.”

CodiLime, Inc., deepsense.io’s sole investor, best known as a boutique software house in Silicon Valley, has a proven intrapreneurial spark and history by backing the development of smart technologies such as dealavo.com and deepsense.io. “The additional funding will allow to transform Seahorse into a complete end-to-end analytics solution,” said Piotr Niedźwiedź, co-founder and CTO of deepsense.io. “Most importantly, the current boost in financial resources empowers us to speed up the implementation of advanced product features such as: enhanced data exploration with notebooks, better data visualization, improved flexibility of Seahorse with SDK for custom operations by software developers, and Spark streaming support which allows to publish models as a real-time production application on a Spark cluster.”

By coupling the power of Apache Spark with Seahorse’s easy-to-learn workbench, deepsense.io’s core business challenge is to help enterprises and target users (data scientists and analysts) solve the dormant untapped dark data problem that every organization faces. The current funding will ensure that the deepsense.io team has the potential to truly disrupt the big data science world and release the first Seahorse Enterprise edition with security and user management. Additionally, deepsense.io will be able to continue its deep learning research efforts.

In 2015, deepsense.io has gained significant momentum in attracting early-adopters by open-sourcing a part of Seahorse to the big data community. The launch of Seahorse Community Edition at the Strata + Hadoop World in New York in September along with its integration as the first analytics app on the Trusted Analytics Platform, an open-source big data PaaS stack developed by Intel, allows analysts and data scientists a chance to test the product and code, with full documentation and online support forum provided.

For 2016 deepsense.io will take steps to prepare to scale operations and continue to promote Seahorse by strengthening its presence at all Spark Summits held globally along with the premiere big data conferences: Strata + Hadoop World in New York and London.

About CodiLime, Inc.
CodiLime focuses on Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning and OpenStack & SDN. The primary business of the company is to develop software engineering solutions focusing on Machine Learning and Big Data (through deepsense.io). CodiLime also carries out several R&D projects involving Security, Cloud Computing and OpenStack & SDN. The company employs exceptionally talented computer scientists, passionate about mathematics, machine learning and algorithms. The management has had professional experience in international headquarters of such companies as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland). The current list of CodiLime’s clients includes, among others: NTT Group, NTT Innovation Institute Inc., Docomo Innovations, Hitachi, Mirantis, GigaSpaces, AT&T, Juniper Networks, PKO Bank Polski, Bank Zachodni WBK and mBank. The company is headquartered in Warsaw, Poland and in Menlo Park, California.