UX in network apps: how not to fail
UX in network apps: how not to fail

18 August 2014

CodiLime to partner with GigaSpaces on new product features

GigaSpaces chose CodiLime, a company founded by ex-Google, Facebook and Microsoft engineers, to help develop additional features for their product, Cloudify.

GigaSpaces, a pioneer in offering products for deployment, management and scaling of applications on cloud environments, selected CodiLime for their expertise with leading cloud technologies, such as Docker and OpenStack, to help drive the integration with GigaSpaces’ Cloudify open source framework. Its latest version – Cloudify 3.0 is a breakthrough release, simplifying the installation and deployment of complex, multi-tier applications on various clouds, including OpenStack, CloudStack and VMware.

CodiLime will be leading a project to deliver out of the box Docker support for Cloudify, providing Cloudify users with orchestration and management capabilities of complex Docker-based deployments on any environment, with built-in monitoring, log aggregation and soon also scaling and recovery from failures. Docker is a popular open platform based on Linux containers to build, ship, and run applications, that is faster, lighter and requires fewer resources compared to traditional virtualization technologies.

Nati Shalom, CTO of GigaSpaces, said today:“We are excited to add CodiLime, who are at the forefront of technology – working with leading industry tools, to the Cloudify open source community. We expect their code contributions to provide significant value to Cloudify users, and are looking forward to excellent results based on their track record.”

Tomasz Kułakowski, CodiLime CEO, added: “I am really happy that we managed to arrange this relationship with GigaSpaces. I am sure that the unique skills of CodiLime’s engineers will translate into delivery of top quality software and a great contribution to Cloudify. I believe that our cooperation with GigaSpaces will not end on just this project, but will turn into a long-term partnership, beneficial for both parties.”

CodiLime is providing bespoke, end-to-end Software Engineering services, specializing in Big Data, OpenStack and Software-Defined Networking. The company was established by extremely talented and ambitious programmers striving for rapid personal development and willing to face challenging projects. CodiLime’s engineers have graduated from the best technical universities in Poland, many of them have won prestigeous competitions such as ACM ICPC and International Olympics in Informatics. Majority of CodiLime’s developers has worked before for leading IT companies such as Google, Facebook, NVIDIA and Microsoft. At CodiLime, everyone shares a true passion for software development and good practices in programming. Combination of these qualities gives CodiLime a unique ability to create state-of-the-art software solutions for its clients.