UX in network apps: how not to fail
UX in network apps: how not to fail

4 June 2014

Polish team won the international hacking contest in Moscow

Dragon Sector, the team of Polish hackers, won the international Positive Hack Days competition held in Moscow. The team is the leader of the world rating. One of members of Dragon Sector is a CodiLime employee.

Polish team of hackers won the first place in Positive Hack Days competition that took place on May 22, 2014 in Moscow. The contest was a part of Capture The Flag series in the area of network and hardware security. The teams participating in these contests come from all over the world, among others from Russia and the USA. The competition is yet another one won by Dragon Sector. The team also won e.g. Insomni’hack 2014 held Geneva or Olympic CTF Sochi 2014. Thanks to the last victory, Dragon Sector strengthened its leading position in the world rating.

CodiLime is proud that Poles achieve highest prizes not only in algorithmic contests, but also in those related to the IT security. For the company this is a particularly important achievement, as the one of Dragon Sector members – Sergiusz Bazanski is CodiLime employee responsible for the network administration and security.

“Although we already have some experience in such contests, every one of them is a challenge for us” Sergiusz Bazanski admits. “During the competition we have to find the bug in the code of the program, properly adjust the given hardware, and all this knowing that several other teams attempt to achieve the same goal. However, I must say that winning with the world’s best hacker teams gives us enormous satisfaction!”

Tomasz Kułakowski, the CEO of CodiLime said today: “I would like to congratulate Sergiusz and the whole Dragon Sector team on their outstanding achievements.It is thanks to such contestants that Polish programmers are considered to be at the world’s forefront and are employed in the headquarters of the world’s biggest IT tycoons. I am also proud that one of these excellent programmers works at CodiLime. I wish Sergiusz and the whole team more success and high motivation for developing their skills.”

More information about Dragon Sector at the team’s website: http://blog.dragonsector.pl/, and about Capture The Flag contests and world team rating at https://ctftime.org/.

CodiLime is an IT company founded by extremely talented algorithm developers, graduates of Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Warsaw. Among the founders there is the world champion in individual programming as well as the winners of gold medal at the ACM ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest) – Battle of The Brains, a global competition organized by the prestigious Association for Computing Machinery and IBM. The majority of engineers employed by CodiLime gained their professional experience in international headquarters of such companies as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, NVIDIA and UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland). CodiLime designs and develops state-of-the-art IT systems within such areas as Fraud & Security Intelligence, Risk Management, Business Analytics & Intelligence, Customer Intelligence, Mobile Payments, E-commerce as well as Web & Mobile Applications. The company also carries out several R&D projects for large international corporate Clients investing in high-tech solutions involving BIG DATA, Security, Cloud Computing, OpenStack, OpenContrail, OpenFlow, Open DayLight and SDN (Software Defined Networking).