UX in network apps: how not to fail
UX in network apps: how not to fail

17 February 2022

Research & Development at CodiLime—recap and plans for 2022

The Research and Development department at CodiLime sums up their successfully completed projects and shares their research plans for 2022. 

One of the central values of CodiLime as an organization is "Disrupt to grow." Innovation has always been at the company's very core and is exemplified in the form of the Research and Development department, established in 2020. 

CodiLime's R&D team focuses on researching new technologies and network solutions by exploring original ways of combining different, broadly understood, network technologies. New findings are tested in the form of proofs of concept and presented as demos for solutions. 

"R&D is a very proactive team in the company, created by top-notch engineers with an instinct for new trends and prospects," says Monika Antoniak, CodiLime's Director of Engineering. "The new knowledge and innovations from the R&D team are often used to support commercial projects and, as a result—benefit our clients." 

The R&D team has successfully completed the following projects:

The Research and Development team also has comprehensive plans for 2022. Their primary efforts will concentrate on the following subjects:

  • Networking in Kubernetes (CNI and general aspects)
  • Application-centric networking in Kubernetes
  • Network Functions offloading to GPU

“This year, we plan to focus on Kubernetes Networking. This is a very wide area, covering many aspects such as CNI, implementations of K8S Services and Network Policies using various technologies, or the synergy with service mesh solutions, etc.” says Paweł Parol, Solutions Architect. “As hosting various types of workload in Kubernetes is becoming more and more popular today, appropriate network mechanisms are required to handle these needs. That is why we believe that it is worth exploring this area and contributing to its development."

If you would like to follow our R&D team's progress in their research, you can visit the dedicated R&D page at the CodiLime website or our technology blog. You can also subscribe to our Networks and Cloud Newsletter and CodiLime's YouTube channel, where we also publish the R&D team's work results. 

In case of any questions regarding our Research and Development department, please get in touch with us at: contact@codilime.com.