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Cloud-Native and Multi Cloud

Build an effective cloud adoption strategy for smooth cloud shift

Cloud-native applications

Cloud-native is an approach to building scalable applications and running them in a public, private, hybrid or multi-cloud environment.

Companies build and operate cloud-native applications to quickly address customer needs and bring ideas to life much sooner. Such applications significantly improve their competitive advantage.

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Benefits of cloud-native apps

  • Scalability – apps designed and built explicitly for the cloud can be scaled easily (in and out).
  • Reliability – fault tolerance increases thanks to the microservice approach and distributed implementation.
  • Flexibility – cloud-native design lets you forget about cloud vendor locking.
  • Cost optimization – services can be released faster and on resources tailored to match the apps’ needs.
  • Ease of access – the cloud makes apps accessible from anywhere with no more than an internet connection.
  • Stability – overloading an app in the cloud is nearly impossible.

Private, public, hybrid or multi-cloud environment

multi-cloud environment

As cloud-native development is on the rise, companies need to rethink their cloud strategy. Choosing the right cloud environment and migrating to the new one is a challenge.

Key cloud challenges companies face

  • Optimizing cloud pricing and managing cloud spend
  • Building a private cloud
  • Managing multiple cloud platforms
  • Staying on budget and schedule during migration
  • Shortage of resources/expertise in house
Key cloud Challenges

How we help

Building cloud-native applications

  • Lift & shift
  • Containerization
  • End to end – building cloud-native applications
  • UX & UI
  • DevOps
    • CI/CD custom build
    • Automated tests and QA
  • Performance analysis & troubleshooting
  • Support & maintenance
  • Further development

Cloud managed services

  • Business analysis & recommendations on migration to the cloud
  • Cloud cost optimization
  • DevOps
  • Integrations
  • Orchestration
  • Migration process
  • Building a private cloud
  • Support & maintenance
Cloud native how we help

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