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Our experience in a nutshell

At CodiLime, we build CI/CD pipelines from scratch and optimize existing ones. We also integrate and manage hardware and testing frameworks, including ones we have built for clients. In all our solutions, we strive to deliver all of the benefits of automation.



QA Automation

QA Automation



CI/CD stands for Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment or Continuous Delivery (CD).

Continuous Integration encompasses the automated testing and merging of new code with existing software to ensure quality and get new features to market faster. Development teams use automation tools to automatically test and merge new code as seamlessly as possible.

Continuous Delivery is a natural follow-up to CI. New code is released faster, more frequently and in smaller batches. The entire process is automated, boosting the quality of the software delivered. Additionally, an iterative approach with frequent feedback from the client ensures that the final product meets the initial requirements.

Continuous Deployment means that every change in the code should be deployed regularly and automatically in production or in a production-like environment. The entire process should be standardized, easily reproducible and done with minimal manual effort.

How we help

  • Build full infrastructure for CI/CD platforms from scratch or utilize any of the CI/CD SaaS solutions available on the market
  • Build CI/CD pipelines that support different configurations using on-prem, virtualized or cloud environments according to client functional and non-functional requirements
  • Integrate a number of existing independent pipelines into a single, consistent solution
  • Help refactor and standardize the automation solutions used
  • Optimize the speed, reliability, scalability and maintenance costs of clients’ current CI/CD solutions
  • Build comprehensive CI/CD monitoring dashboards applying best project observability patterns
  • Provide maintenance and hosting services for the most demanding CI/CD systems
  • Build cloud deployment wizards allowing for one-click deployment of complex software in the cloud
  • Build zero-touch provisioning solutions for hardware firmware

QA AutomationQA Automation

QA automation adds value to your CI/CD pipeline by allowing you to:

  • Detect errors early in the software development process
  • Shorten time-to-market of new features
  • Speed up developers’ work and ensure its qualityy
  • Prevent regression in already released features
  • Ensure flexibility in delivering software

How we help

  • Build comprehensive testing infrastructure (physical and virtual testbeds) with a modern IaC approach
  • Implement, customize or reuse existing testing frameworks according to the client’s project needs
  • Maintain, refactor and customize existing testing solutions
  • Implement custom tools needed to test your specific hardware and software (network traffic generators, embedded systems tools for hardware checks, test data generators)
  • Take on full responsibility for your product’s quality assurance processes, from Quality Assurance at the development stage up to end user tests (including UX)
  • Define and implement a test plan including regression, long run, performance, E2E tests regardless of the complexity level of the SUT (System Under Test)
  • Integrate your test framework with any CI/CD pipeline