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Our experience in a nutshell

We are cloud enthusiasts with expertise in building and integrating cloud solutions across private, public and hybrid cloud environments. We design our solutions with time-to-market, cost optimization and scalability requirements in mind. We also ensure seamless migration.



Kubernetes / OpenShift

Kubernetes / OpenShift



Public cloud

Public cloud



OpenStack is an open-source IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) cloud computing platform that allows you to manage huge pools of virtualized compute, storage, and networking resources across a data centre. It is developed under the umbrella of the OpenStack Foundation. More than 500 companies have joined the OpenStack project.

Apart from standard IaaS functionalities, OpenStack has other components providing such services as networking (Neutron), compute (Nova) or orchestration (Heat).

At CodiLime, we have been working with OpenStack since 2014 (Juno release).

How we help

  • Help with such components as Neutron—networking, Nova—compute and Heat—orchestration
  • Design software systems running on multiple platform types
  • Perform requirements analysis and technical design
  • Prepare a quick PoC for new ideas
  • Develop features, plugins, integrations with software and hardware, comprehensive bug fixing, and optimizations
  • Automate testing: features, integrations, performance
  • Automate deployments with multiple integrations

Kubernetes / OpenShiftKubernetes / OpenShift

Kubernetes (k8s for short) is an open-source container orchestration platform that enables automated application deployment, scaling and management.

Kubernetes can be used in private, public and hybrid clouds. It has become a go-to solution for deploying cloud-native apps.

Kubernetes allows you to:

  • Automate container management across multiple hosts
  • Avoid vendor lock-in, as your apps are used on many underlying Operating Systems (OS)
  • Scale containerized applications for your current needs
  • Make better use of your hardware and thus save money
  • Heal automatically broken apps
  • Use the power of open source

Red Hat OpenShift is a Kubernetes-based container platform that allows enterprises to automate operations management across hybrid cloud, multicloud, and edge deployments. It adds additional functionalities above and beyond a simple Kubernetes deployment:

  • A management console to manage Kubernetes clusters
  • Monitoring of Kubernetes clusters and containers
  • Analytics to provide actionable insights
  • Authentication to ensure higher security

How we help

  • Provide assessment and architectural consulting
  • Prepare an implementation and migration plan
  • Build integrations with other solutions
  • Extend your existing automation (CI/CD, QA)
  • Ensure proper monitoring of K8s-based deployments
  • Ensure the security of applications managed by K8s


Cloud-native is an approach to building scalable applications and running them in a public, private, hybrid or multi-cloud environment.

Companies build and operate cloud-native applications to quickly address customer needs and shorten the time-to-market of new ideas.

The business benefits of cloud-native apps include:

  • Scalability—apps designed and built explicitly for the cloud can be scaled easily (in and out)
  • Reliability—fault tolerance increases thanks to the microservice approach and distributed implementation.
  • Flexibility—cloud-native design lets you forget about cloud vendor lock-in.
  • Cost optimization—services can be released faster and on resources tailored to match an app’s requirements.
  • Ease of access—the cloud makes apps accessible from anywhere with nothing more than an internet connection.
  • Stability—overloading an app in the cloud is nearly impossible.

How we help

Build your cloud-native application with us. Our services include:

  • Cloud-native solution architecture
  • Moving on-prem apps to the cloud (lift and shift)
  • Deployment orchestration
  • Full stack development of cloud-native apps:
  • UX and UI
  • CI/CD custom builds
  • Automated tests and QA
  • Performance analysis and troubleshooting
  • Support and maintenance
  • Ensuring security and proper monitoring of cloud-native solutions
  • Cloud services management

Public cloudPublic cloud

As cloud-native development is on the rise, companies need to rethink their cloud strategy. Public clouds such as AWS, Azure, GCP, and IBM Cloud will likely figure in an effective strategy, as they offer considerable advantages:

  • Avoid high costs of purchasing, managing and maintaining on-prem hardware and application infrastructure
  • Shorten time-to-market, as public cloud can be deployed much faster than on-prem infrastructure
  • Ensure security on a par with the most effectively managed private clouds
  • Ensure high availability and virtually infinite scalability

How we help

Our public cloud services include:

  • Designing solution architectures
  • Moving on-prem apps to the public cloud (lift & shift)
  • Full stack development on public cloud (including UI and UX)
  • Full automation (CI/CD, QA)
  • Support and maintenance
  • Ensuring security and proper monitoring
  • Optimizing public cloud costs during development and maintenance