Service Function Chaining for Cloud-native Network Functions
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Researching advanced networking topics

Our experience in a nutshell

In our R&D, we explore new technologies and network solutions, as well as show how to use them in practice, often adding our own creativity. We are also eager to share our findings with broader audiences by publishing on our technology blog, recording podcasts and webinars, and taking part in conferences.



Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept



We are interested in modern networks and everything related to them. In particular, we focus on:

  • Network technologies and protocols
  • SDN concepts, protocols and frameworks (e.g. OpenFlow, P4, P4Runtime, NETCONF/YANG, gNMI, overlay networking, ONOS, Tungsten Fabric)
  • NFV-related areas (VNF, CNF, DPDK, OCP.), also in combination with virtual environments (Docker, Kubernetes, Openstack, clouds)
  • Software switches (OVS, VPP, vRouter)
  • SmartNICs and offloading
  • Innovative network concepts, architectures and frameworks (Edge Cloud, ONF initiatives, Network Service Mesh, Service Function Chaining, CNI solutions, network automation)

Proof of Concept

At CodiLime, we are practitioners. Therefore, after the research phase of a project we turn to creating a Proof of Concept (PoC). This involves:

Building demos to show how new network technologies can be used in practice
Integrating many technologies into a larger solution
Adding improvements or new functionalities to existing solutions