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Rust development services

Build outstanding software solutions for networks with Rust - a language that takes C and C++ to the next level. As a systems programming language that handles concurrency and ensures memory safety, Rust can be a perfect match for your cutting-edge software projects where reliability and performance are crucial.

CodiLime's Rust developer teams are ready to give you a hand with your software development, as we have been doing since 2011 for tech-driven businesses all over the globe.

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Why use the Rust programming language for your project?

Rust is the most beloved programming language among developers, according to the Stack Overflow survey. It is often compared with the C/C++ programming language regarding the level of control over what a computer is doing for you while maintaining a low performance overhead.

As a multi-paradigm, high-level, general-purpose programming language, Rust shares similar syntax with C and C++ but offers a higher level of memory safety without using a garbage collector. That is why (almost) anything you can do with C/C++ you can do with Rust, but better!

What are the other benefits of using Rust?


Rust is memory-efficient, fast, and can be an excellent choice for performance-critical services.

Memory Safety

You don't need to choose between memory safety and speed. Rust enforces safe memory management and prevents bugs and security vulnerabilities when your software is already in production.

Concurrency/Parallel Programming

Rust prevents concurrency-related issues such as data races. It has built-in support for multi-threading, resources borrowing and ownership rules that allow writing very safe concurrent code.

Cross-Platform Capabilities

Rust provides cross-platform support, which helps companies to migrate and deploy applications.

Not sure if Rust is the right choice for your project?

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Our Rust developers will help you with:

Network solutions
Low-level programming
Web applications programming with Rust
Command line applications
Embedded systems programming
Performance optimization for cloud-based apps
Low overhead performance monitoring applications

Rust development—our approach

At CodiLime, we believe that good communication is the first step to success.That's why knowing your needs, team resources and documentation allows us to evaluate your project and design the appropriate support. We can also better match our engineers to the project requirements to take as much of the load off your shoulders as possible.

What else can you expect from us?

Expertise in building custom solutions
Expertise in building custom solutions
Hands-on experience with network engineering
Hands-on experience with network engineering
Flexible and easy-to-scale teams
Flexible and easy-to-scale teams
Goal orientation and on time delivery
Goal orientation and on time delivery
Support through the entire SDLC
Support through the entire SDLC
Focus on long-term partnership
Focus on long-term partnership

Our clients' testimonials

CodiLime with its expertise in both network engineering and software development helped us build and release a platform for operational intelligence of digital infrastructure. CodiLime UX designers and software engineers did a great job to ensure great user experience of our product. Smooth communication, out-of-the-box thinking and reliability are those factors that also make our cooperation great.

Rudra Rugge

VP of Engineering - Selector Software, Inc.

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