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Software outsourcing services

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Finding exceptionally skilled software engineers able to act on complex custom software solutions is a difficult task that businesses have to face daily. According to a McKinsey survey, almost 87% of companies globally experience a skills gap. The talent pool is shallow, and finding the right professionals is time-consuming and slows down innovations.

This is why companies are looking to outsource software development to help them avoid the harmful effects of in-house talent shortages. However, finding a software development outsourcing company with the necessary expertise and dedicated teams to deliver expected results is a hard challenge to crack.

At CodiLime, we have been partnering with industry leaders since 2011 and deliver exceptional custom software development services, including UX design, frontend and backend development, DevOps and QA automation. Our company is built on networking expertise, and it is the very core of what we do every day for our global partners, working across all phases of the software development life cycle.

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software outsourcing services

Benefits of outsourcing software development

Partnering with a software outsourcing company has numerous benefits that will positively impact your business. To name just a few:

Smart cost approach

Smart cost approach

Recruiting and training new software developers is a process that raises the cost of every software development project. Additionally, the logistics and infrastructure required to build a workplace for developers are often overlooked expenses that indirectly affect every project's budget. If we add the cost of constant skills development, then the risk of project overspend increases further. Finding a vendor that bears all these costs gives you the freedom to focus on what really matters - your business.

Faster time to market

Faster time to market

In a highly competitive market, introducing your innovation before the competition is essential. The demanding and tedious process of recruiting an in-house team for a new project is time-consuming and interrupts your progress. And this is just one issue of many that can slow you down. Especially if your business idea has to be validated fast to reduce potential future overspending, having a partner with dedicated development teams operating in the required technologies can help you speed up your time to market.

Solving the talent problem

Solving the talent problem

According to industry data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2026, the shortage of engineers in the US will exceed 1.2M. Every year, the US market advertises 200,000 positions for hard-to-replace software engineers. This lack of talent is a global trend that affects most technology-driven businesses. In the network industry, where the level of complexity is very high, partnering with a vendor with an adequate bank of skills can be an excellent way to solve talent shortage problems.

Product security

Product security

When outsourcing to an external company, you want to know that your data and sensitive information are secure. At CodiLime, we follow ISO 27001 information security standards to ensure that our partners' data is safe with us.

Flexibility of the process

Flexibility of the process

When partnering with an external software development company, you can choose which model you will work with and under what methodology you will develop the software. You can adjust these factors according to the project you are running and the in-house needs. It can be a brilliant opportunity to experiment with process and methodology.

Models of software outsourcing services

At CodiLime, we want to offer our tech-savvy partners maximum freedom and flexibility. As your outsourcing partner, we have several cooperation models and we are always ready to adjust to your needs.

partnership models in software outsourcing

Team augmentation

When you are already working on a solution and need tech specialists to expand your team.

Tailored team

When you have a task to be done and want to outsource it to a team of professionals.

End-to-end services

When you want to focus on business and need a technology partner to turn your ideas into working solutions.

Consulting & expertise

When you want to speed up and need experts on a temporary basis to foster your growth or transformation.
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Technologies we work with

When working on complex software and network solutions you need a carefully selected tech stack combined with the skills of exceptional software engineers to ensure nothing less than code excellence.

Our clients about us

CodiLime’s software engineers have been a great addition to our team by bringing a unique combination of experience in Go and network domain knowledge. Apart from the code contributions & reviews, they have provided invaluable support and guidance to the team with technical decisions. Their feedback and insights have positively upleveled the quality and reliability of the software we’re building. We’re impressed with their professionalism, engagement, and the value they bring to day-to-day cooperation.

Kristine Antons - Senior Software Engineering Manager