How to implement CI/CD in just six weeks
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Describing the changing paradigm of software testing in the age of CI/CD, TestOps is a newly coined term. Like DevOps, it is a compound of two terms: testing and operations. With the advent of continuous integration and continuous integration practices, there is no clear distinction between different phases of software development (known as Day 0, Day 1 and Day 2). Day 1 and Day 2 simply overlap one another. Similarly, quality assurance is not limited to a single phase in a software development lifecycle. Previously, testing occurred when developers finished their work. They handed in software to testers who were to perform testing and detect possible bugs. Now, with CI/CD, the situation has changed. The countless small releases that are continuously deployed also have to be tested continuously before deployment. They are deployed automatically, so the tests should be automated too. Testing automation is then the second key concept at work in TestOps.

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