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Network Professional Services

Applying network expertise to solve complex business cases

Challenges we address

Network design & deployment

Migrating a network means designing new solutions, buying new equipment and preparing the complex migration process to be as seamless as possible.

To accomplish this process, we can help you:

  • Audit your network and current solutions
  • Design a network (HLD, LLD) taking into account defined boundaries
  • Define migration to SDN & cloud solutions where doing so is advisable
  • Prepare the migration process
  • Create automation scripts for the deployment/migration process
  • Deploy the solution & test the deployment
  • Prepare post-deployment documentation & hand-over

Network automation

Legacy networks pose numerous challenges including:

  • Multiple vendors, different technologies, maintained by separate teams
  • Services that differ in terms of scale and requirements
  • The same service defined by different configurations
  • Hard to troubleshoot and almost impossible to automate

How we help:

  • Audit the network configuration to understand the services in use
  • Simplify the network where possible
  • Prepare a template for service configuration and unification
  • Develop a tool to verify if a newly introduced configuration follows a template and correct it if it doesn’t
  • Automate backup tasks across the network
  • Automate the software upgrade process

  • All these can be managed in a tailored, easy-to-use webUI interface.

    Cloud migration

    Building your own infrastructure to meet rapidly changing scalability requirements is not an effective solution. Two common pitfalls include over-provisioning costs and being unable to handle the required load.

    To solve these problems, two approaches are possible: a cloud-only solution or a cloud/on-prem mixed scenario. The latter gives you the resources to scale up and down depending on your current load.

    How we help:

    • Design a cloud-based or mixed (on-prem + cloud) fast-scaling/descaling solution
    • Deploy the solution (using automation scripts)
    • Document the solution and deployment process
    • Support your team during a baby-sitting period of a deployed solution
    • Train your team & hand over the solution
    UX & UI services

    Our core competencies



    Working with all types of networks:

    • SDN (Tungsten Fabric, OVS)
    • DC (traditional L2-based,
      next-generation IP-based)
    • WAN in its different flavours
      (ISP core & edge, aggregation, access)
    • SD-WANs


    • Creating automation for solutions starting from Day 0 to Day 2 operating needs
    • Using popular open-source tools (Ansible, Juju, Terraform)
    • Guiding migration from traditional to automated management


    • Support for private, public, hybrid or multi-cloud environments
    • Working with different cloud platforms (OpenStack, Kubernetes, VMware) and with different public clouds (GCP, AWS, Azure)
    • Integrating third-party software and hardware into the system

    How we work

    How we work How we work

    Our team

    Experienced network engineers

    Experienced network engineers

    • 10+ years experience in large telcos
    • Hands-on with different vendors and technologies
    • Experts in designing resilient and secure solutions
    • Experienced in large scale deployments & maintenance
    SDN Supporters

    SDN supporters

    • Tungsten Fabric contributors
    • SDN-enabled DC designers
      • supporting migration towards ngDC
      • P4 programming for feature flexibility
    • VNF integration into existing ecosystems
    Automation Experts

    Automation experts

    • Experienced in entire lifecycle automation
    • We choose automation based on:
      • The existing environment
      • the scope of automation
      • cost optimization
    Cloud Enthusiasts

    Cloud enthusiasts

    • Experts in multi-cloud
    • Designing solutions based on:
      • time-to-market
      • cost optimization
      • scalability requirements
    • Preparing and executing seamless migration

    Our Technology Stack

    R&D Lab

    CodiLime R&D investigates advanced networking topics.
    If you need a solution to suit your specific business needs, our research lab is at your disposal.

    See examples of our research.

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