How to implement CI/CD in just six weeks
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Quality Assurance

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is a set of methodologies and practices used to deliver high-quality software to end users. QA is not about detecting bugs, but rather focuses on quality as a specific mindset, one that leads to the development of quality software. QA requires constant effort, and from this point of view differs substantially from quality control, a one-time action. QA should start at the very beginning of any software development project, as correcting bugs in production can not only be extremely costly and time-consuming, but, if not handled promptly and professionally, a bullet aimed at the company’s reputation.


Automation is a key concept in today’s QA. It is related to the CI/CD process and helps streamline the software development process. The QA stage in the CI/CD pipeline ensures that new code is tested before deployment and you can detect possible bugs before your client informs you of them.

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