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Case study

Building a microservices security platform for a disruptive start-up

About the Client

Our client, Mesh7, is a Silicon Valley-based start-up founded by IT industry veterans and backed by venture capital funds. Mesh7 has recently released its cloud-native Application Observability. This solution examines communication between microservices, visualizes the connections between them, shows potential threats and automatically applies security policies. With this product, Mesh7’s ultimate goal is to protect your microservices effectively while giving the user a clear overview of all the traffic between them from a security perspective.


As the application complexity resulting from interconnected ephemeral, heterogeneous and distributed workloads grows exponentially, so too do concerns about the security of such applications. Using cloud and 3rd party services, exchanging sensitive information at Layer 7 over a network - all these have created dangerous blind spots:

Lack of real-time visibility

Lack of real-time visibility

of the interactions between various workloads, cloud and 3rd party services
Lack of control

Lack of control

over the flow of sensitive data both internally and externally
Impossible to detect

Impossible to detect

anomalous behavior and unsanctioned changes in applications
No real-time detection

No real-time detection

of lateral threats and vulnerabilities at run tim

Mesh7 decided to tackle these challenges by creating a complex platform to monitor communication between different workloads and apply automated security rules. The platform works on top of the customer’s infrastructure and ensures that no potential threat remains undetected.

CodiLime was chosen as an external technology partner to help Mesh7 build the product and keep the promises it has made to its clients and investors. Together we have succeeded in creating a product we believe will become the first-in-class solution for ensuring the security of microservices.

Thanks to its expertise in networking technologies and Kubernetes, CodiLime has become our reliable technical partner helping us deliver the first-in-class product for monitoring security in microservices. CodiLime’s experienced project managers and engineers played an important role in releasing the final product and thus keeping promises given to clients and investors.
Amit Jain
Amit Jain
Co-Founder & CTO
at Mesh7, Inc.

Why us

From the outset of our cooperation with Mesh7, CodiLime cooperated closely in defining project requirements, researching new ideas and testing possible technologies to deliver a truly market-defining product. We were responsible for backend, frontend, testing and project management. The development team consisted of three streams: one focusing on the backend functionality executed on the client’s side, another dealing with the controller cluster side collecting, enriching and managing data, and the last one focusing on data visualization and the user interface.

The reasons why Mesh7 chose CodiLime as a technology partner:

Experience in security

Experience in security

Our engineers have won prizes in international hacking competitions
Expertise in Kubernetes

Expertise in Kubernetes and building cloud-native apps

A robust portfolio

A robust portfolio of cloud and network projects implemented

for global industry leaders
Strong project management skills and a culture

Strong project management skills and a culture

that complements Mesh7’s
A full range of services

A full range of services

DevOps, backend, frontend and quality assurance

The solution

The Application Observability is the response to security challenges related to distributed applications with increasing data in motion. It correlates distributed data collection of East-West, Egress and Cloud Services with Cloud and Host monitoring data. The Application Observability provides four distinct values:

  • An application security graph that provides L4-L7+ visibility into workload interactions along with auto-discovery of API payloads
  • A data flow map showing the flow of the sensitive information in application environments
  • Baselining and continuous drift detection that sends alerts in real-time for any unsanctioned or anomalous application behavior
  • Intelligent security analytics and preventive security controls at L7+
Mesh 7 solution

Mesh7 Cloud Security Observability


Thanks to SaaS model installation, it takes mere minutes to onboard the customer. The product can be used in any type of workload, cloud or environment. The modern user interface clearly visualizes all the necessary information. If you’d like to know more about the product, visit Mesh7’s website.

If you’d like to know more about the product, visit Mesh7’s website.

Key benefits for all key stakeholders

Security Team

Immediately detects security threats and vulnerabilities; facilitates the implementation of appropriate security policies

CloudOps Team

Works with any type of platform - public, hybrid cloud or workloads (Kubernetes, VMware vCenter, AWS) while offering excellent scalability

Compliance Team

Manages compliance risk exposure detecting vulnerabilities and sensitive data leaks

DevOps Team

Rapidly improves an application’s security with zero impact on its latency

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